At Big Life Project we are passionate about empowering young people with essential Life Skills to enable them to be future ready and help them to realise their full potential. To do this, we have created an online teaching platform that contains fully prepared lesson plans and teaching resources written by leading experts designed to help teachers deliver an effective Life Skills/PSHE programme. Content is consistent, engaging and supported by a student app designed specifically for young people to allow continuous learning outside the classroom.

Young people moving from school to higher education, university, starting an apprenticeship or employment face the biggest challenge in their lives; transitioning from a heavily dependent to an independent way of life. As educators, teachers and parents we need to ensure a well-rounded education is provided and that we prepare them for life.

Currently, teachers have the pressure to deliver key, but non-statutory subjects such as PSHE to over 1.8 million students. In England, Relationship Education (Primary Schools), Relationships & Sex Education (Secondary Schools) and Health Education will become compulsory subjects in 2020. To ease the pressure, our Life Skills platform includes these statutory subjects together with the Assessment and Accountability tools removing this extra workload for teachers which allows them to do what they do best - teach.

Our online life skills platform is low cost and affordable for all. It can be accessed within the classroom, at home and on the move by Schools, Colleges & Universities, Teachers and Students alike. We are here to shake up the status quo and help teachers provide essential life skills young people need to start living bolder, brighter, bigger lives.


Education Establishment

Education is about creating a better future for our children. This is not isolated to academic and statutory lessons. In a pressured world, non-statutory classes are valuable to children’s health, wellbeing and their ability to cope as they move beyond the school gates and into higher education and employment. With decreasing time and resource – and no set toolkits - this is a difficult task to fulfil. Big Life Project delivers the tools needed to make this a success, enabling your school to deliver essential life skills to your students cost-effectively, efficiently and in an engaging and rewarding way. It makes life easy for your teachers, inspires your students and gives you the ability to easily track progress in real time down to every child.


Big Life Project was created with teachers at its heart. We’ve heard time and again from you, wishing you could deliver essential life skills to your students but you simply don’t have the time or resources to do so. Our platform streamlines the education process; your lesson plans are all prepared by leading experts in their fields and administration taken care of with a few simple clicks. We want to equip you with everything you need, so you can focus on the thing you are best at, teaching.


As you move on to bigger and better things, it’s critical you have the practical skills to reach your potential. We’re here to help you reach that potential, enabling you to live free and independent lives.

Big Life Project helps you with the simple things like cooking a meal or changing a tyre, to the big ones like nailing an interview or having a great relationship. Remember, Big Life Project belongs to you.


Parenting is not the easiest job in the world. The truth is you never stop worrying, and you can never feel like you’ve ever done enough. We’re here to make life that little bit easier and stress-free.

Be confident that the Big Life Project Company is there to arm your children with the practical life skills they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. Because we believe learning how to make a healthy lunch is as important learning how to make that grade.

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