• Fixed vs Growth Mindset: How to build resilience

    10/06/2019 By Biglife Admin

    “They say health is our greatest wealth. It’s important then that we make sure our young adults have every opportunity to take charge of their wellbeing.”   Resilience is very much a buzz word these days but it is a soft skill that is required by most employers and a…

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  • Case Study: St James Senior Boys School – the importance of preparing students for the future

    07/04/2019 By Biglife Admin

    St James Senior Boys’ School in Ashford, Middlesex is currently changing its Sixth Form timetable to enable the introduction of a more formally structured delivery of its Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum. Head of Sixth Form, David Beezadhur explains how the school used to approach PSHE, why he…

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  • New year goals – health and wellbeing in 2019

    08/01/2019 By Biglife Admin

    The Christmas holidays are well and truly over, the buzz of the start of the new year is wearing off and all those well-intentioned goals are starting to get lost in the haze of everyday-life hecticness. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to take a step back, reflect, and make…

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  • Should we use Christmas to teach our kids money skills?

    10/12/2018 By Biglife Admin

    Here at Big Life Project our Finance and Money Management module exists to give students practical insight into healthy finance. Money management is often overlooked in education, but we all know what mismanaging money can lead to so we think it’s really important to teach kids money skills in school.…

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