Eating For Life

Eating For Life
August 2, 2017 Sema Jethwa

My name is Sema and I’m Head of Food and Nutrition at Big Life Project. Food is one of our most basic needs, yet whether a teenager leaves home being able to boil an egg is entirely dependent on the skills and experiences that person has been exposed to until that point, at school and home. I’m here to support helping our children have access to more practical information and food skills. Through the Big Life Project, we’ll work together with schools and teachers to help them deliver the best for young adults.



Unfortunately, under-resourced schools have largely been forced to cut back on ‘non-essential’ classes like ‘food technology’ or ‘home economics’ where basic food skills could be taught.


It’s something we intend to try and improve; To teach young people how to plan a meal properly so that they are able to lead bigger, fuller lives. Simple, practical information on what constitutes a healthy meal and how to put it together themselves. That way, when they do find themselves on their own, they can do a great job feeding themselves well. Missing something important from their diet could have a serious impact on health, the last thing they want during their time at university.



However, learning about food isn’t just important for when they strike out on their own. The teenage years are fraught with challenges for young people around weight, body image and what they should or should not be eating. As Head of Food & Nutrition at Big Life Project, I’m here to encourage them to have a healthy relationship with food. Even though obesity is on the rise – for children and teenagers it’s not necessarily about weight loss, but about staying healthy.


Sadly, there is no universal standard for PSHE and life skills in the UK. Some children will come out with what they need, but many won’t. With just a little knowledge, teenagers and young adults could have the tools to take care of themselves during some of the most challenging years of their life. Nutrition and health is important and I’m here to make sure they can eat well and feel great.


If you’re a teacher or Educational Establishment and don’t always have the resources to teach vital life skills to your students, contact us today and find out how we can help!  Simply click the link below, complete the form and we’ll get straight back to you.



With degrees and qualifications from Kings College London and Warwick University, Sema has over 18 years’ experience working in the NHS, Private healthcare, charitable sectors and as a freelance dietitian. It’s this breadth of knowledge and expertise coupled with a passion for food, cooking and science that has enabled her to lead a ground-breaking programme for Big Life Project. She’s driven by a belief that establishing food skills and knowledge from an early age translate into practical, healthy and achievable food choices for the rest of your life.

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