Fixed vs Growth Mindset: How to build resilience

Fixed vs Growth Mindset: How to build resilience
June 10, 2019 Biglife Admin

They say health is our greatest wealth. It’s important then that we make sure our young adults have every opportunity to take charge of their wellbeing.”


Resilience is very much a buzz word these days but it is a soft skill that is required by most employers and a mindset that will help young people to grow into successful independent adults. As part of our health and wellbeing module we introduce the idea of developing resilience in order to maintain a healthy mind.


One way to build resilience is to adopt a growth mindset. In the first of our health and wellbeing lesson series we take a look at how to achieve this. By the end of the lesson students will understand the difference between a fixed and growth mindset, and start to explore ways in which they can alter their mindset to better support their learning.


The lessons in our health and wellbeing module offer students the opportunity to reflect upon their own attitudes and ultimately understand why having a growth mindset is more likely to bring them success and happiness.


A growth mindset will help them in many areas of life, not just their academic lives. These areas include relationships, communication, employment, sports and other hobbies. Learning about a growth mindset will help students to understand that their capabilities are not fixed and that they can be developed over time with focussed effort.


Students learn resilience by understanding that maintaining a positive attitude following setbacks and disappointments is key to allowing a person to grow to their full potential. With a growth mindset, students are able to face challenges head on and accept that continued effort is part of the process of self-development.


Our Growth Mindset lesson goes into more detail about the differences between a fixed and growth mindset, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. It introduces the concept of neuroplasticity and encourages students to make their own discoveries and look at their own current limitations, and how they can overcome these.


By the end of the lesson students are able to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and come away armed with tools to work towards improving their weaknesses. The techniques they learn in this lesson can be carried over into all their areas of learning and assist them in all aspects of life.


We believe that learning how to develop resilience and a growth mindset is a huge advantage to students, while still in the education system and for life beyond.


If you would like to learn more about our health and wellbeing module for schools or find out how we can help your school please get in touch to book an online demo of our platform.


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