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  • Case Study: St James Senior Boys School – the importance of preparing students for the future

    07/04/2019 By Biglife Admin

    St James Senior Boys’ School in Ashford, Middlesex is currently changing its Sixth Form timetable to enable the introduction of a more formally structured delivery of its Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum. Head of Sixth Form, David Beezadhur explains how the school used to approach PSHE, why he…

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  • Case Study: Epsom College – the importance of blending life with academic skills

    31/01/2019 By Biglife Admin

    How broad should schools’ curriculum be? Most schools’ goal of raising education standards is limited to students’ academic grades. However, when we consider the personality and ‘life skills’ that employers look for, shouldn’t schools also be developing the whole character of their students?   Helen Keevil, assistant headteacher, in charge…

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  • Why we should teach young people life skills: how they build confidence

    23/01/2019 By Biglife Admin

    In today’s fast-paced world and constantly changing environment learning life skills at school is becoming increasingly important. The pressure on young people to meet the challenges thrown at them by the digital world and the changing face of the workplace is immense and we believe that it is our duty…

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  • Be Authentic, Be Understood and Be Happy

    26/06/2017 By Riffi Khan

    EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION LIFE SKILLS Hi, my name’s Riffi and I’m in charge of Effective Communication for the Big Life Project. I’m also a Television Producer, Director and Global TV Format consultant. I’ve enjoyed a successful career by ‘being myself’ and communicating authentically and effectively. With over 15 years of making…

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