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  • Eating For Life

    02/08/2017 By Sema Jethwa

    My name is Sema and I’m Head of Food and Nutrition at Big Life Project. Food is one of our most basic needs, yet whether a teenager leaves home being able to boil an egg is entirely dependent on the skills and experiences that person has been exposed to until…

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  • Be Authentic, Be Understood and Be Happy

    26/06/2017 By Riffi Khan

    EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION LIFE SKILLS Hi, my name’s Riffi and I’m in charge of Effective Communication for the Big Life Project. I’m also a Television Producer, Director and Global TV Format consultant. I’ve enjoyed a successful career by ‘being myself’ and communicating authentically and effectively. With over 15 years of making…

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  • Big Life Project – Creating bigger, bolder, brighter lives!

    05/04/2017 By Sheila Harji

    MY NEW (BIG) LIFE PROJECT My name is Sheila. I had a traditional Asian upbringing. My mum worked full-time from when I was 11, and it was important to her that my brother and I learned to be independent. I did my chores, prepped food for my mum’s cooking and…

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