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Food & Nutrition

It’s often said, you are what you eat. We believe Food and Nutrition is key to our both our mental and physical health. This module helps students make healthy decisions


Healthy Eating - The Eatwell Guide

Increases students' knowledge of healthy eating

Healthy Eating - Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates in the diet, and the effects of different types of carbohydrate

Healthy Eating - Fats

Relevance of fats in the diet, and better fat choices

Healthy Eating - Fruits and Vegetables

Importance of fruits and vegetables in the diet, and recommendations for a good diet

Healthy Eating - Protein

Why protein is an important part of your diet

Healthy Eating - Meal Planning

How to plan a healthy meal

Healthy Eating - Foods that give you energy

Eating the right foods to give you energy

Healthy Eating - Basic Food Supplies

Choosing basic food supplies for your store cupboard

Healthy Eating - Basic/ Budget Recipes

Understanding basic cooking

Drinks - High energy drinks and caffeine

Understanding the effects of caffeine

Drinks - Alcohol

Understanding how alcohol affects your mind and body

Drinks - Fluid and keeping hydrated

How to keep hydrated and healthy

Healthy Eating - Mood and food

How foods can change the way you feel