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Personal Development

Personal Development is a significant contributor to attaining essential life skills. This module covers a series of subjects helping students through their personal development journey


Communication - Different Communication Methods - Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of communicating – ...

Communication - Delivering Verbal Instruction - Blind Panic

Importance of delivering instructions using clear and concise verbal commands

Communication - Accurate Written Instructions – The Blueprint

Understanding that effective written communication means receiving the message exactl...

Communication - Introducing Presentation Skills – On the Spot

Demonstrate competent eye contact, body positioning, voice projection and vocal clari...

Team Building - Team Planning and Execution

Skills of team planning and how to execute

Team Building - The Team vs. The Individual

Learning skills to become a better team player

Team Building - Providing Constructive Feedback

How to provide constructive feedback

Team Building - Developing a Team System

Skills to develop a team system

Leadership - The 6 Leadership Styles

Applying Different Styles of Leading

Leadership - What's Your Style?

Analysing the Effectiveness of the 6 Leadership Styles

Goal Setting - Into the Hole

Practicing Effective Goal Setting

Goal Setting - Ready, Aim, Fire

Setting Clearly Defined Goals