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Relationships & Sex Education

It’s fair to say healthy relationships are what keep us happy, but keeping them healthy can sometimes be challenging. This module deals with issues around relationships and how to get the best from them


Sexual Health - Condom use and negotiation

Learning about correct and confident condom use

Sexual Health - Sexually transmitted infections

Understanding about sexually transmitted infections

Sexual Health - Contraception

Understanding the different types of contraception

Sexual Health - Unplanned Pregnancy

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy

Relationships - Consent

Dealing with consent

Relationships - Sexting

Sexting and the law

Relationships - Stereotypes

The media, stereotypes and body image

Sexual Harassment

Banter Vs Bullying

Feelings and emotions

Understanding your feelings and emotions

Body Image

Dealing with body image

Relationships and sexuality

Dealing with relationships and sexuality

Peer Pressure

Dealing with peer pressure

Puberty - 1

Growing up- changes in the body

Puberty - 2

Single-gender lesson plans covering human reproduction

Relationships - 1

Friendships and relationships during adolescence


Raising awareness of Female genital mutilation


What are values, and how do they impact on me?

Relationships - 2

Romantic relationships, my rights and responsibilities


Sexting, the law, and how to stay safe


Why are people so concerned about me being online?